The Financial Aspect of Selling Used Panties

It is not surprising that everyone has different fetish and used panty fetish is not new. Some people look for worn panties because they like the scent of the female genital area while others are simply looking for a sense of connection. But the used panties fetish is undeniably a real craze as the fetishists search every internet tool including social networking sites, forums, online shopping sites to satisfy their fantasies. eBay, Twitter, Craigslist, and thousands of online sites like Naughtyconnection, Sniffr, Sofia Gray and so on, are places where they can connect with girls and women willing to sell their intimate items. The bustling exchange on these platforms shows that the demand for dirty panties is very high and very diverse, thus, the used panty business is said to be an easy and really lucrative.

No effort is required, your job is just to find a suitable platform, post ads and earn money from your worn panties. You can also post on your social networks and the person in need will contact you directly.

Through research on the web, a pair of hoarded panties costs from $ 5 + shipment. You can set a higher price when a buyer wants a specific request like a special scent or wearing it on a special occasion. For example: wear it right after sex, wear it to sleep overnight, wear it for 3 days… Models, celebrities, porn stars can sell worn, or autographed, high-end lingeries for huge amount of money. There are even guys willing to pay $5000 for the favorite pair he finds.

It sounds easy. But many online sellers of underwear said that through their personal pages on social networks, it is difficult to reach real customers. Not to mention awkward conversations, harassment or people who are curious but have no intention of buying. Before the market for dirty underwear became saturated, many platforms charged sellers. Account maintenance fees on these platforms average around $10 -20/month, which can be charged once or monthly. In return, sellers can reach a large number of targeted customers (up to thousands of members and visits per day) and general rules ensure the safety of both buyers and seller, or anonymity. 

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