The History of Fashion style

Generally speaking, fashion means the latest style in clothing. Sociologists define fashion as an item of clothing that has a short period of acceptance by the general public. While it is believed that fashion originated in the late middle ages, it has not been studied in every culture. In Western Europe, fashion is a social phenomenon that originated with the upper class. Lower-class individuals copied these styles and soon, it began to spread through society, a process known as the “trickle-down” theory. see more here kannada songs download

As the world’s population increased, so did the number of consumers, and the demands for clothing products rose. In America, the fashion industry became highly competitive as wealthy conglomerates took over businesses and began using foreign labor. Computers were used to create garment patterns, laser-cut and illustrate patterns, and automatic replenishment systems helped stores to keep up with demand. Meanwhile, in China and Japan, designers began to become independent entrepreneurs, with retail outlets competing for their here for more info Online Casino

Chinese clothing often features a high-standing collar, short sleeves, and a diagonal front closure. It may feature a side slit, which reaches the thigh. A 1930s garment was an attempt to combine both Western and Chinese styles. However, this was not successful in blending Chinese and Western styles. Despite its shortcomings, Chinese clothing was still popular in the 1980s. Fashion designers should pay attention to these trends when making clothes.

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