Tips on Choosing the Best Color Combination for Your Mahndi Dress

Consider your skin tone, location and decor, personal style, and groom’s attire while choosing the finest color scheme for your mehndi dresses. You may create a magnificent and distinctive style with these pointers, and you’ll feel attractive and confident on your special day. Here are some ideas to think about:

Consider your skin tone.

Your skin tone should be considered when selecting the colors for your henna and mehendi clothing. Pastel colors and light hues will appear lovely on someone with a fair complexion. Bright shades like fuchsia, emerald green, and royal blue will look magnificent on someone with a medium or olive complexion. Bold and robust colors like maroon, deep purple, and gold will flatter your face if you have a deeper skin tone.

Examine the setting and furnishings.

The location and decor of your mehndi ceremony can also impact the colors you select and the finest color combinations for bridesmaid gowns. Earthy and natural colors like green and brown can be a terrific choice if your mehndi ceremony is held outside. Wealthy hues like crimson and gold will give your appearance a sense of elegance and glitz if your mehndi ceremony takes place in a more formal environment.

Include your sense of style.

 Your mehndi ceremony showcases your distinctive personal flair. Therefore, include your preferred hues and patterns in your attire. Choose a colorful lehenga or saree with elaborate embroidery if you want bright, vivid hues. Consider wearing simple, pastel-colored clothing with few decorations if you prefer a more subdued appearance.

How to Add Jewelry and Makeup to Your Mehndi Dress

The appropriate jewelry and makeup can help you create a lovely look that goes well with your Mehndi clothing. Here are some suggestions for adding jewelry and makeup to your mehndi outfit as accessories:


Start by choosing a striking piece of jewelry that goes well with your mehendi outfit, like a necklace or a pair of earrings that match the hues and design.

Consider adding statement earrings or a maang tikka (headpiece) to emphasize your face if your mehndi dress has a high neckline.

A showy cuff or a bangle bracelet might add glitz to your ensemble.

Avoid wearing too much jewelry simultaneously, as it can overpower your appearance. Instead, select one or two standout items and wear little jewelry throughout your outfit.


Keep your makeup natural and fresh to match your Mehndi attire, whether wearing a bridal lehenga choli or any other clothing you choose.

Start with a sheer foundation, then use a peach or pink blush to give your cheeks a pop of color.

Use black or brown eyeliner and mascara to define your eyes, and for added sparkle, think about adding a little glitter.

Finally, use bright red or pink lipstick to give your lips a pop of color.


Consider styling your hair in a bun or braid, highlighting your jewelry and makeup.

For luxury, embellish your hairstyle with fresh flowers or a jeweled hairpin.

To sum it up

Choosing an outfit for your mehendi ceremony might be challenging, given the wide range of mehendi attire offered by internet retailers and designer boutiques. Finding the ideal yellow mehendi dress for the bride should begin with deciding how you want your mehendi to look. 

We sincerely hope our mehndi attire guide helped you choose your dress for this special day!

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