How Does Water Pollution Affect Human Health?

Water pollution has many effects on human health. Long-term pollution of water from industries can cause respiratory and neurological disorders, as well as cardiovascular problems. Many types of chemical toxins in water have been linked to cancer. Toxic effects from contaminated water are also associated with blue-baby syndrome. Cancer rates are higher in rural areas, and the poorest communities are the ones most affected by contaminated water. A child who drinks polluted water can suffer from low birth weight, poor mental health, and other diseases.All Movies Download From Bollyshare

Water pollution is caused by a variety of processes, including atmospheric deposition, marine dumping, and domestic effluent waste. Industrial and household wastes often contain heavy metals, which can cause acute poisoning and reproductive failure. Polluted water can also spread infectious diseases. In addition to killing aquatic life, water pollution can cause skin infections and gastrointestinal diseases. In some cases, water pollution can lead to death.more visit here Ratcoin

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The World Health Organization estimates that over a third of the world’s population lacks access to clean water. Without proper sanitation, the water in developing countries is contaminated with bacteria, sewage, and other harmful elements. Waterborne diseases such as diarrhea can result from contaminated water, and up to 15% of people die each year because of a contaminated water supply. For these reasons, clean water is vital for human health.More Movies Download from here Madras Rockers

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