Do You Suffer from Pain in Your Lower Back?

Lower back pain can result from poor posture, incorrect lifting techniques, a sedentary lifestyle, or a work condition that demands standing in one position. Age-related physical changes to the spine, such as degenerative disc disease, can also create trouble for this region. Or, if you are a sports or fitness enthusiast, you may be susceptible to injuries. Today, you can treat this condition in many ways depending on the leading cause of this condition. For example, correct posture or lifting techniques can reduce your pain if these are the sources. You may need medical interventions and therapies if you are inching closer to seniority by age. Or, if your medical condition or injury has put you in this state, you may seek more advanced medication and treatments to find relief.

Some doctors may recommend surgeries. But if you don’t want to go for this, there is another path. Regenerative medicine can be helpful in this. It can treat your painful lower back without surgeries and with minimally invasive methods. Have you heard about laser therapy, for instance?

How does laser therapy work?

This painless, non-invasive treatment uses a light ray targeting specific areas of the body. The FDA-approved and clinically tested method can relieve chronic pain and effectively treat lower back pain. It stimulates the body’s natural healing process to deal with pain, soreness, and stiffness. It is safe for those seeking other options than traditional medicine or surgery. However, consider taking this treatment at a highly specialized and proficient clinic. You can try QC Kinetix (St. Petersburg), for example.

What are some of the medical conditions that can trouble your lower back?

These include degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and sciatica. In addition, certain medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and osteoporosis can also lead to a troubled lower back. If you don’t know much about scoliosis, you need to know that this condition occurs when your spine moves to the side or becomes curved while it should be straight. Due to this, you can experience pain and problems with balance. Scoliosis can affect any side of the spine, but it mainly causes difficulty in the lower back. Some believe that it is more common in women than men. Mild curves in the spine may not require any medical attention. However, the condition can worsen, so it becomes necessary to take preventative measures. Know more here wpit18

On the other hand, spinal stenosis refers to shrinking spaces within the spinal column that tend to strain the spinal cord. Due to this, patients feel ache, stillness, and weakness in the back and legs. In severe cases, one may struggle to walk correctly or even suffer paralysis. It most often occurs due to a worn-out spine caused by aging, but it can also result from tumors or injuries. 

No matter the condition of your lower back problem, you need to find proper therapy to improve your life quality. You don’t want to deal with pain, numb sensations, shooting pain, and other unwanted scenarios that affect your normal activities. Instead, you want to continue doing what you enjoy – sports, exercising, or something else. So, take proper medical advice and witness the change. 

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