Zorb Ball Games: 7 Creative Ways To Use Them

Zorb ball are fun because they’re so different from most of the regular games you’re used to playing. There are all kinds of ways to use this toy, and it doesn’t just have to be as simple as rolling around on the ground or in grassy fields! Here are 7 creative ways to use Zorb Balls, in case you were looking for inspiration but didn’t know where to start.

1) Safely Play Volleyball Inside

  1. You can play volleyball inside without worrying about hitting the ceiling or getting hurt.
  2. Play catch with a friend and try to avoid catching it in your face. 
  3. Take turns balancing on the ball and see how long you can keep your balance for before falling off.
  4. Make an obstacle course and see how quickly you can complete it while on the ball
  5. Try to bounce from one end of the room to another without touching the ground
  6. Try doing some pushups on top of the ball instead of a bench 
  7. If you have enough Zorbs, make each person wear a different colour and play soccer

2) Make a Trampoline Out Of It

This is a great way to use the ball as a trampoline, which can be fun for jumping or even just laying down and bouncing up and down. The Zorb Ball is also great for playing games like hopscotch or four square. You could create an obstacle course inside of it, with different levels based on how high you fill it up. If you’re creative enough, there are probably many other ways to use this product in your everyday life that I haven’t thought of.

3) Play Basketball in the Pool

  1. Each player needs to get a Zibur ball and lay their pool side. The other players line up on the opposite side of the pool from the player with the ball. A referee is needed to make sure that players don’t cross over into the other person’s lane. One by one, each player with a zorb ball will roll it down the lane and try to get it as close to a wall without going out of bounds or into another person’s lane as possible. Once they have thrown their zorbs, they need to get back in line until it’s their turn again. The first person who gets their zorbs all the way down one side wins!

4) Test How Fast You Can Roll It

Two people will stand at opposite ends of the Zorb and try to roll it towards each other as fast as possible. When one person gets near the other, they should quickly jump out of the way so the other person can try to catch it. The first person to catch it wins!

5) Put it on Snow for Surfing

  1. Put it on snow for surfing! This game is a great way to keep kids entertained on a snow day. Simply pour water in the zorb ball and you’re good to go. It’s also fun as a race with two people, one person sits in the zorb ball while the other person tries to push them down on their stomach into the snow. The person sitting in the zorb ball can then try to stand up and push back if they want, or they can just lay there and let the other person win! 2. Put it on grass for a giant bubble! If you have lots of space, putting your zorb ball on grass is perfect for making giant bubbles with friends or family members. You Get all Info About Coding

6) Get a Little Rough With The Dog

The first game we played was called, Get a Little Rough With The Dog. One person would stand in the Zorb ball and have someone from the outside roll them around. The person inside would try to throw their arms out and be thrown around as much as possible by the outside player. This game is great because it gets the blood flowing, it’s intense, and it requires a lot of trust between partners.To know more click Concealer

 The second game we played was called, Don’t Let Me Die. It started out with one person standing in the Zorb ball while two people on the outside would take turns rolling them down a slope or hill for about 20 yards before releasing them to tumble back towards us.

7) Build an Indoor Obstacle Course

An indoor obstacle course is a fun way to get creative with your zorb ball. This can be a great alternative for those who are looking for some more physical activity but don’t have access to an outdoor field or area. Start by picking out the obstacles you want to include in your course and then working on arranging them in a sequence that will take the most energy and coordination. You can customise this course depending on what kind of play time you’re after – if you’re looking for something short and sweet, try adding obstacles like crawling under tables, walking across furniture, or going through tunnels; if you’re looking for a longer workout, add some more intense activities like jumping over benches or navigating around cones.

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