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The Versatility Of Slip Covers To Protect Your Favorite Furniture Pieces

The house becomes a home when you carefully put together a wide variety of things in it for comfort and style. 

These are mostly exclusive and expensive but most importantly, hand-picked by you with love. That calls for preservation and care.


Furniture when placed in a home situation is often exposed to various ways of destruction and damage. It is a heartbreaking experience but it happens. 

  • There is a huge chance of spillage; from hot tea and coffee to cold beverages, these often leave stain marks that can ruin the look of the upholstery of a chair or sofa. 
  • Dust and dirt often set in the fabric making them look dull and dirt very soon. These are fitted to your furniture which makes it impossible to take them off and clean them. The only available option for you would be to change them. 
  • There are a few constraints to changing upholstery frequently. These are expensive and often unavailable as per your choice requirement. If you have an expensive vintage chair, there is little chance of finding the same quality or design of fabric for the upholstery change.


As they say, if there is a problem, the solution cannot be far behind. A wide range of furniture covers is available for your choice to be placed on any kind of furniture piece that you have.

  • Chairs
  • Sofas
  • Sectional sofas 
  • Futons
  • Loungers
  • Ottoman 
  • Couch 

These are some of the items in your home that could be safeguarded with the use of a slipcover.

What Is It

These are fitted covers for anything that you own within the premises of your home. There’s an abundance when you need that color and design to choose from among these. The availability of a slipcover in different designs and materials will suit any theme of décor of a house.

How These Work 

You can look at a slipcover from two perspectives; they give a new lease of life to your favorite furniture and helps to protect them; in the case of old furniture, the vivid designs and colors of fabrics give a new look to the furniture.

How These Fit

One of the biggest advantages of slipcovers is their customized fitting. They fit like a gloved cover that is made to the measurements and shape of furniture. Whether it’s a simple chair or an ottoman you can find slipcovers for all of them. 

The placements of accessories like a chain, ribbon tie-up, or sets of buttons make it easy to take them off and place them back on.

The Materials 

Almost all kinds of material can be used in the manufacture of a slipcover. 

  • Denim
  • Cotton
  • Linen 
  • Lycra 
  • Leatherette material
  • Microfiber 

These are some of the material options available for your set of slipcovers. These are further available in a range of colors and designs that can match the décor theme of your home.

Cleaning And Maintenance 

If it is placed on home furniture it is bound to get dirty in a short while. A big advantage with slipcover options is the convenience to manage their placements – taking these off and placing them back is easy. 

Most materials come with machine washable features that you can clean at home. Some may need dry cleaning and others like leatherette material need good cleaning agents.  

Cleaning and maintenance are easy and can be done periodically to give a fresh look to the covers. You can have multiple sets made to use these from time to time for a new look.

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