The Basics of Drawing

A drawing is a representation of a physical object on a two-dimensional surface, such as paper, parchment, or vellum. Artists often use pencils, charcoal, chalk, or a variety of other wet or dry drawing materials. The tools used in a drawing process depend on the purpose of the drawing. Chalk, for example, is a white powder made from natural minerals and is ideal for shading and blending.More Movies Download from here Fullmaza 

A good drawing begins with the right measurement tools. It is important to measure the dimensions of the subject in order to produce a realistic rendering. Using a compass is one way to measure angles on the subject and check for accuracy. Another way to measure dimensions is to place a finger along the tool being used to create the drawing. In addition to measuring dimensions, a ruler can be used as a straightedge to calculate proportions. Using a ruler can also help you make accurate measurements.downloadnew  hd movie from here HD Movie

Modern artists started learning about drawing from the French Impressionists. Their pen-and-ink landscapes influenced the style of drawing. In the nineteenth century, landscape drawings had their second flowering, particularly in England. Famous landscape artists included JMW Turner, Alexander Cozens, and Camille Corot. Similarly, the great English artist J.M.W. Turner taught himself the craft of drawing by studying landscapes. The French Impressionists influenced many artists.Plz visit here for information about Olive Oil

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