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Poker or Poker is one of the famous card game products worldwide. Although playing poker is quite simple, to become a professional card player, you need many good factors. In today’s article, New88hg will send you the latest information about poker rules. Let’s watch now!

Some general features of the Poker game

Before coming to poker rules Let’s learn a little about this game. Accordingly, Poker is also known to players by another name: Poker. This is a card game product in which players will compete directly with each other to become the final winner. At this point they will win all the prize money on the table from other players.

General information about poker rules

Below is a summary of information about poker rules that you need to know:

A deck of Poker cards

A set of poker cards will include the following basic components:

  • Deck of cards: The deck of cards used to play Poker is a deck of 52 cards and includes cards numbered from 2 to 10. The letter cards J, Q, K and A are divided into 4 suits of Diamonds and Hearts. , Nhap, Bich. Winning or losing the game will depend on the levels of this deck.
  • Poker chips: These are circular cards with different denominations. This will represent the player’s bet.
  • Dealer Poker cards, big blind cards and small blind cards.
  • Dice.

Hands and rankings in Poker rules

A hand will be created by 5 cards and exactly 5 cards. Players can only keep 2 cards in their hand and use them to combine with 5 community cards on the table to create the strongest hand. Below are the poker hands from low to high:

  • Hall break box.
  • Barrel hall.
  • Four quarters.
  • With him.
  • Bin.
  • Lobby.
  • Himself.
  • Two double.
  • One team.
  • High cards.

Detailed poker rules


  • The table starts with 2 to 4 people.
  • Each player is dealt 2 cards and hidden from everyone.
  • Randomly, 1 player will make 2 bets called Big Blind and 1 player will make 1 bet called Small Blind. Note that the position of the Small Blind will always be to the right of the Bigblind.
  • The remaining players will not need to bet first.


  • First round: Small Blind will always be the first to play, followed by those who have not yet placed a bet. The round will end with the Big Blind.
  • Round of 3 community cards: At the end of the first round, 3 community cards will appear on the table and each person at the table will be able to use the community card to combine with their 2 hidden cards to create Play the strongest hand.
  • Subsequent rounds: Every time a round ends, 1 more community card appears.
  • Last round: When 5 community cards appear on the table.

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The player on the table uses 5 community cards combined with his 2 hidden cards to choose the 5 cards with the strongest connection.
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Players take turns clockwise. Each player will have 40 seconds to play cards. When it’s your turn, you can choose one of the following actions:

  • Bet: Be the first person to spend the number of coins placed on the table in a round. Other players who want to continue playing need to spend the same number of coins as their bet.
  • Extra bet: When there is a previous bettor and you want to increase the number of coins bet, the number of coins to be added will be less than or equal to the limit and greater than or equal to the bet amount.
  • Call: Skip the same number of coins as the bettor to call.
  • See the cards: If no one has bet before, you can now see the cards so you don’t have to spend money and can still follow the cards.
  • Set: Don’t want to bet. This action means quitting the game.

Betting limits:

  • The initial bet limit will be the lowest number of coins for a player at the table.
  • If the player with the lowest limit has played all the coins, that player can choose to Set or See cards to continue the game.
  • The bet limit at this time will be the number of coins of the 2nd lowest person on the table.
  • Last bet limit: Number of coins of the 2nd highest person at the table.


When 5 community cards appear on the table and everyone has agreed to Call or Fold.

Prepare the bill:

  • Usually the winner will receive the full amount of the bet on the table.
  • In case the winner has the lowest number of coins at the beginning of the game, this person will receive coins equal to their limit. The remaining balance will go to the 2nd ranked person.
  • If 2 winners have the same number of points, the chickens will be divided equally.
  • Loser: Loses all bets.


Above is our latest information about poker rules New88 want to send to you. Hopefully through this article you will have more useful knowledge as well as understand how to deal cards, play cards and calculate points of this attractive game.

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