Locked In At The Lake

If you are looking for a new place to have fun with your family, LockedinattheLake is an excellent choice. Located near Aurelio’s Pizza, Locked In offers two separate escape rooms suited for both kids and adults. It also offers team-building events and birthday parties.

Locked In At The Lake is located next to Aurelio’s Pizza

The casual restaurant serves up classic Italian dishes and has a laid-back atmosphere. Kinds of pasta, pizzas, and Italian favorites have been a staple here for years. Locked In At The Lake is a great place for a quick bite or a delicious meal after a busy day.

The new restaurant features a large patio with beautiful views of Lake Michigan. It is expected to open in early April and has seating for 200 people. The new location is a huge expansion for the chain, which has more than 40 locations in the Chicago suburbs.

For lunch or dinner, you can choose a variety of salads, sandwiches, pasta, and more. The prices range from $3.50 to $8.95, but salads and sandwiches are the most popular. The restaurant is also open for catering and has a drive-through window for those who are on the go. You can also choose to pick up a take-n-bake pizza to take home to eat later.

If you are a fan of pizza, Aurelio’s Pizza is one of the best pizza places in Chicago. Founded in 1959, it was the first Chicago pizzeria to franchise its concept. By 1974, it was the fifth pizza chain in the U.S. Aurelio himself designed the shield that now serves as their logo. The original restaurant is housed in a historic warehouse. The building has multiple levels of seating, and it is decorated with Tiffany lights and vintage stained glass.

While Locked In At The Lake offers a variety of escape rooms for adults, they are also geared for kids. Redbeard’s Quest is a fun experience for kids. A viewing room is available for parents to keep an eye on the kids.

It offers separate escape rooms for adults and kids

Locked In At The Lake is a unique escape room experience that is suitable for groups of all ages. The four rooms are designed to offer fun and excitement for groups of friends, family, and colleagues. The challenges are unique and require teamwork and communication to complete. The rooms include physical clues that can only be solved by a team. Locked In At The Lake is a great choice for birthday parties, sports groups, and other organizations.

There are separate escape rooms for adults and kids. For kids, there is a Cinderella-themed room that is suitable for tweens. Older kids can also play the Civil War escape room with an adult. The games can be challenging and educational, and adults can even try to solve them on their own. Depending on the difficulty level of the game, you can also challenge yourself with a team of up to six other adults.

An escape room can be an excellent way to encourage family communication. Kids learn better when they have hands-on experience, and a child who participates in an escape room will develop their decision-making skills. This will help them to learn how to prioritize puzzles and move on to the next clue.

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