Instructions on how to create many links to play online treasure games

No phone can match the large screen of a computer. Besides, manipulating and handling situations in online security becomes easier and more convenient than ever. Creating multiple online gaming links on the same computer is also becoming more common, and below Download the New88 app Share with you simulation software that helps do this job in the easiest way.
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NoxPlayer: Software to create many online play links

NoxPlayer is an emulator that creates multiple play links damn Powerful online security, allowing you to run mobile games on your computer. 

Highly appreciated by the gaming community, NoxPlayer stands out with the following advantages:

  • Easy to use: Compared to other emulators, NoxPlayer is considered easy to use, even for new users. The NoxPlayer installation process is simple, the interface is clear, making it easier to perform operations.
  • “Simulated touch” feature: NoxPlayer stands out with a unique feature among popular emulators called “simulated touch”. By pressing the key combination Ctrl + 1, users can use the mouse to touch and swipe on the emulated screen like when using a mobile phone. This is a big advantage for gamers, especially when playing role-playing games like Lien Quan Mobile or Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile.
  • NoxPlayer supports playing multiple game accounts at the same time, which is considered a big step forward in the gaming industry. The application developer has created a tool to help players open multiple game accounts on the same computer, saving time and increasing performance. With this feature, plowing the game to climb rank is no longer a big problem, and gamers can plow multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Users can also adjust the limit on the capacity that this software can use. This helps players save and limit storage space usage.

Create many links to play online with BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the software that creates many gaming links damn Popular online security, known by many gamers. In addition to the usual advantages of emulation software, BlueStacks also stands out with the ability to allow gamers to use multiple accounts and synchronize them. This helps players easily manage and plow multiple accounts simultaneously, saving time in leveling and collecting items.

BlueStacks offers a feature that attracts many gamers today: the ability to play multiple accounts on the same platform. This feature has become a popular choice for all users, with the ability to create copies of existing accounts and run them at the same time, helping players enjoy various games and increase their in-game experience. .

To play multiple game accounts on the same computer, users can do the following: Open Multi-instance Manager -> Create new instance -> Select Fresh instance -> Enter necessary information and create -> Click Start to complete the process.

LDPlayer: Solution to create many gaming links damn Convenience guaranteed

LDPlayer is one of the applications that creates many play links damn Online security is popular on computers, with outstanding features such as light capacity, RAM saving and especially the ability to optimize display and good compatibility with many games and applications from CH Play. Thanks to these features, LDPlayer gives users the most comfortable gaming experience on the big screen.
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One of the outstanding tools that LDPlayer provide is LDMultiplayer. This is a tool that helps users open multiple LDPlayer windows, log in to multiple accounts to play multiple games or open multiple applications on one PC screen. LDMultiplayer Works as a multi-window manager, allowing users to create new or duplicate main windows with just one mouse click.

To play multiple game accounts on LDPlayer, users can perform the following steps: First, if there is no application installed, create a new LDPlayer instance by clicking “New Player”. Conversely, if you want to copy the current LDPlayer window, users can click “Clone player”. Finally, just select “Start” to start opening a specific window. Note that the “Start” button will change to “Close” if there is already another instance running.


Above is a list of software that creates multiple play links damn Bao online on the same computer. Each emulator software has its own strengths, so we hope that users can choose a software that suits their level and skills.

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