How to Play Baccarat with Master Cards at the House New88

How to play baccarat according to the standards of the secret masters in the card game industry helps every victory become a bit easier. Especially when participating at New88 You can apply them with success up to 99%. Right now, let’s decode the winning strategy that everyone wants to have.
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Baccarat rules New88

To understand and learn how to play baccarat effectively at New88 The first thing that bettors should know is the rules of this game. Currently, there are 3 main versions of baccarat known to many people: Banquen, Chemin de Fer and Punto Banco. However, Punto Banco is still the most popular form of playing. And in this section we only talk about Punto Banco baccarat:

  • Number of participants: In theory, there will be no limit, but usually a game will have 14 people.
  • Dealing cards: When starting the game, the dealer will divide 2 cards equally between the players and themselves. In particular, each piece will have its own value such as: Ace = 1 point, 2-9 = corresponding value, and face cards and 10 = 0 points.
  • Calculating points: After owning 2 cards, the player can apply the scoring formula which is to take the remainder of the division: Total points/10. For example, if you own cards 9 and 8, the player will have the remainder of the division (9+8)/10=1.8, which means the score of the deck is 8.
  • Special case:
  • If the total card score is 8-9, the player or dealer will not be allowed to draw more.
  • The total score of the player’s 2 cards is from 0-5, forcing the dealer to draw 1 more card, but when the score is 6-7, the dealer does not need to take another card.
  • Result: The person whose score is closest to 9 will win the round.

What betting options are there for baccarat? New88

When playing baccarat, the player does not have to bet directly on the round result, instead he will only choose who will win. Specifically, you will have to choose 1 of 3 doors: Player (player wins), Banker (Banker wins). Tie (both points tied).


This bet wins when the player’s score is closer to 9 than the dealer’s. And when you win, the bet amount is automatically added to your account based on the prescribed payout rate.


This hand wins when it has a higher score than the player. However, when you choose to bet on this bet, when you win, you must accept to return 5% to the house.


This case rarely happens because it is not easy to have the player and banker be the same. But in return, the payout ratio for this bet is much higher when compared to the banker and player bets.

Tips and how to play baccarat always profitably

Although this is a game of chance, there are still many ways for you to actively intervene in your balance, specifically:

Financial balance

Actually, this is extremely important if you want to go long with baccarat. Because this game costs a significant amount of money when it falls into a losing streak. The important thing right now is not to try to waste all your money hoping to get a win back.

Instead, divide your budget into multiple bets. Right now you are pursuing the strategy of slowly but surely waiting for your lucky streak to come.

Choose a playroom

Before starting to play cards, you will have to perform an operation that is to test your character in each room. It may seem a bit tiring to say, but be patient and try each casino one by one with a small bet. Thereby, bettors will find the ideal location that suits their feng shui.
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Don’t try the Martingale strategy

This strategy requires players to double their bets after each losing round to wait for a chance to win. However, this method is not suitable for card games with many possible outcomes, especially with a deck of 52 cards. 

Therefore, do not abuse this strategy but instead learn how to play prediction from experts. With the prediction method, you will predict whether the winning streak is leaning towards the banker or the player and give you better betting results.

Why should you use baccarat to always win? New88?

Ignore factors such as great experience, service, and security New88 In this section we will only focus on answering the above question and the answer is:

  • New88 is the most satisfying destination for players, so it never makes it difficult for bettors during their experience here.
  • The above tips have all been approved and confirmed by this house to the casino community so they are completely standard.
  • How to play baccarat at home New88 suitable for the vast majority of people and a lucky destination for many bettors.
  • New88 does not interfere with the results and the matches are live transparently.
  • Expert system Baccarat pulling group New88 Dedicated, reputable and quality member support.


To understand the fun of playing baccarat, it will be difficult to describe it all in this article. However, we hope through these news The above will help you shape your style and tactics. If you’re ready, pick up your phone right now and access it New88 Let’s get loose.

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