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Famous Pieces of Aztec Art

Unlike many cultures, the Aztecs carved impressive images of their gods and goddesses for display in their temples, public spaces, and sacred precincts. Aztec religious symbols adorned these monuments to communicate concepts about the Aztec religion and elevate them above common people. The sculptors followed some basic conventions when depicting deity figures, such as showing them in frontal view. Female deities, for example, often appear to kneel while male deities usually appear seated.

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The Templo Mayor pyramid, found in Tenochtitlan, is one example of large Aztec sculptures. This massive pyramid represents the sacred snake mountain, Coatepec. In the Aztec religion, Coatepec was a sacred place where Huitzilopochtli was born, defeating other gods and stars. In addition to this, the god of corn, Coyolxauhqui, was a sister of the moon. see more here louis vuitton

The Aztecs also excelled in ceramics. They created monumental stone sculptures, and terracotta vases, as well as murals and codices. Some of these pieces were used for burial, such as the lidded urn excavated beside the Templo Mayor in Tenochtitlan. Other notable ceramic pieces include molded censers spouted jugs, and hourglass-shaped cups. The Aztecs also used naturalistic elements, such as feathers and plants, in their to solve facebook account hacked know here Facebook Account Hacked

The calendar stone, or Sun Stone, is the most famous piece of Aztec art. Its 12 feet diameter and 22 metric tons make it the most famous Aztec sculpture. It is the largest piece of Aztec art history, and is perhaps the best-known Aztec statue. The stone, made of basalt, weighs 22 metric tons and is almost a meter thick. The stone once belonged to the Templo Mayor complex in Tenochtitlan, Mexico.More info about Duboku

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