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Predict the filling is one of the methods of predicting the results of lottery games that is popular and applied by many people. This way, players can easily find lucky numbers, from there they can place bets and hope to win. In this article, Kubet Casino will give detailed instructions on how to apply most effectively.

What is diamond prediction?

Lottery prediction is a method of predicting lottery results based on observing and analyzing the numbers appearing on the statistical table. Players will look for patterns in the appearance of numbers to make accurate predictions.

Advantages of fillings screening

Lottery prediction brings many benefits to players, specifically:

  • Helps players easily find lucky numbers, from which they can place bets and hope to win.
  • Provides players with a fairly accurate method of predicting lottery results, helping to increase their chances of winning.
  • Brings a sense of excitement, challenge and strategy to players.
  • It does not cost too much to apply this method.

Disadvantages of candling prediction

Besides the advantages, diamond-shaped divination certainly also has some of the following limitations:

  • Requires players to have knowledge, experience and good data analysis ability.
  • Prediction results are not always 100% accurate, due to the random nature of the lottery.
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to track and analyze statistical tables.

Experience in predicting diamonds from Kubet experts

At Kubet, there are many tips for successful diamond prediction that have been shared by experts:

Predict the lottery thanks to daily double lotteries

Double lottery is the case when the last two numbers of a number are the same, for example 22, 33, 44, etc. This is one of the easiest cases to encounter and is preferred by many lottery players because there is no need to mix it up. number again.

For example, if the previous day’s lottery jackpot result was 00765, you can choose the winning number 00 without much calculation or analysis. This is considered a special lottery prediction, although it does not always happen, but if it falls in, the winning rate will be very high.

Apply analysis of 3 consecutive prizes on the statistics table

To catch a diamond-shaped lottery, players need to monitor lottery results and learn about the patterns that appear. If there are 3 consecutive prizes with a specific pattern of B – ABA – B, that is a diamond shape. Then, the player will choose number THREE to play for the next drawing.

For example, if prize 3 has the numbers 42526 – 92558 – 62557, the player will choose number 52 to play for the next day with a high chance of winning. You can also choose to flip it to 25 to increase your chances of winning.

This method is simple but requires attention and patience from the player. Understanding the patterns and applying them to lottery play will help increase your chances of winning. Try applying this method and hope to get good results in catching diamond-shaped lotteries.
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Examining the bridge according to the angle defect form

Betting on corner lotteries is one of the popular lottery methods and is favored by many lottery players. The characteristic of this type of plot is that the numbers appear concentrated on one or a few corners of the number board, while the remaining corners are lacking.

For example, when looking at the Lottery results on May 20, 2024 with prize 3, we see that both prizes have 3 corners containing the number 3, and the remaining corner is missing by the number 5. Therefore, players will continue to play number 53. And as a result, on May 21, 2024, number 53 won the prize.

Based on your lot

To determine the lot of diamonds according to the brother method, players need to observe the results of the previous day’s lot. If that lot appears in 2 or 3 flashes, it may be a sign that another lot has replaced it. In this case, the player can predict that the replacement lot will be returned the next day.

For example, if lot 56 appears in two blinks, this indicates that another lot has replaced it. Therefore, players can consider playing lottery numbers 54 or 55 with a higher chance of winning than other lots. It is predicted that the next lot will be 55.

Things to keep in mind when applying the filling method 

When applying the diamond prediction method, players need to note the following to ensure effectiveness and accuracy of prediction:

  • Concentration and patience: Need dTake the time and effort to carefully monitor, record and analyze data.
  • Combine many methods: To increase accuracy, players should combine the diamond prediction method with other methods such as analyzing 3 consecutive prizes, missing corners, sibling lotteries, etc.
  • Accept risks: Always remember that predicted results cannot be 100% certain, so you need to accept risks and do not put too much faith in predictions.
  • Comply with the rules of big and small play: Always follow the rules of big and small play, do not bet more than you can bear.


Above are the methods check the canarium shared by Kubet that lottery players can apply to increase their chances of winning. However, there is no method that guarantees 100% winning, so players need to combine luck, patience and knowledge to get the best results in predicting. 

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